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Employment profile: Set up a internet service company at age seventeen, was chairman of the Dutch national
student empowerment organisation, did freelance research and worked as a communication and participation

Academic profile: Started in mechanical engineering, became politically active and switched to social sciences.
Keen on exploring policy‐issues from different social‐scientific perspectives, with a strong background in
qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well as in social scientific theory. Graduated with honours
from the interdisciplinary Beta Gamma bachelor and currently doing a research master at the ICS Groningen.


2009 – today ICS Research Master: Behavioural and Social Sciences
University of Groningen

2008 - 2009 Minor: Science and Technology Studies
University of Amsterdam

2008 -  2009 Minor 'Intelligence studies'

University of Amsterdam

Summer 2008 Summerschool: Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems CASOS (Carnegie Mellon), Pittsburgh USA

2004 - 2008 Beta-Gamma (Bachelor, Cum Honors)
University of Amsterdam, specialisation: Sociology

2001 - 2005  Mechanical Engineering (Propedeuse)

Avans 'University' of Applied Sciences (HBO) Specialisation: control engineering Subjects: mechanics, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, simulation, hydraulics, sensors, statistics, logistics,

1996 - 2001 HAVO (profile 'science and technology') (Natuur & Techniek))
Pierson College, 's-Hertogenbosch

Additional courses
2005 - Media training
2005 - Time management
2005 - 'Diversity and policy'
2004 - Coaching
2004/2005 - Broad range of student empowerment and higher education related courses.

Employment History

2008 – 2009 Jr. Communication consultant
Buhrs and Olfers: Participative communication and city marketing.

  • AmsterdamWoont

Fall 2008 Producer assistant
'De Praktijk' Science education and science-communication More information is available at:


  • 'Sciencenight': 'Discovery'08' (as a volunteer)
  • KNAW - 'De Jonge Academie on Wheels'

2007 - 2008 Freelance research
City of 's-Hertogenbosch

  • Quantitative research on noise pollution.

2004 - 2005 Chairman 'SOM' (fulltime)
Establishment on the dialogue between politically active students. ('Stichting Studentenoverleg Medezeggenschap') SOM is part of the 'Dutch student union' (LSVb).

  • Organizing training session for students in student empowerment boards.
  • Project management on a broad range of national student campaigns (including the occupation of the 'Maagdenhuis', april demonstration in the Hague 27)
  • Writing press releases and education related opinion and advice.
  • Advise and political lobby in relation to the new (Dutch) law on higher education (WHO);
  • Managing the LSVb examination on INHOLLAND

2002 - today Owner and chairman (part-time)

'Mindconnect webservices'. ICT related services.

  • Book-keeping, accounting
  • Acquisition
  • Project management

1999 – 2002 Floormanager (part-time)
Call Centre 'Logical'

  • Training new personnel
  • Floor manger (3 nights a week), +/- 15 employees.

1997 - 2000 Divers range of employment agency's like jobs

Volunteer work and other activities

2008 -  today Adviser  'higher education knowledge base' 'Platform HOHP' / 'Committee S.O.S.'

Fall 2008 Campaign Manager 'Platform BEST'

2007 - 2008 Chairman of the student delegation within the committee for advice on the bachelor  and master  of Sociology. University of Amsterdam

2006 - 2007 Member of the committee for advice on the bachelor Beta Gamma University of Amsterdam

2004 - 2006 Project manager VI-PAS - Dutch Student Union

  • Producing interactive webapplication/ communitysite «Vooruitstrevend Interactief Platform Actieve Studenten (VI-PAS)»
  • Project management
  • Instructing employees (2) and volunteers (10)
  • Funded by Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science  (OC&W)

2004 – 2005 Damoclash (creative collective) Organising expositions and gatherings for van artist and students.

2003 -     2004 Member of the central committee for advice Avans 'University' of Applied Sciences (HBO)

2001 - 2004 Member of the committee for advice mechanical engineering and the committee for advice on the faculty of industry and information technology. Avans 'University' of Applied Sciences (HBO)

2000 - 2009 Spokesman for 'Dorpsstraat 69' Dorpsstraat 69 is a foundation for the preservation of monuments within the city-centre of Rosmalen. More information is available at:

  • Spokesman
  • Lobby within the city of 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Knowledge on legal issues concerning spatial planning.
Skills and qualifications
  • Windows (office applications, Visio, and MS project), MacOSX. Highly skilled with spreadsheets (Excel).
  • Skilled in a broad range of scientific (statistical) analysis software like
    • R, SPSS (quantitative data‐analyses),
    • NORM (Missing Data Handling),
    • MlwiN (Multi‐Level Analysis) ,
    • Atlas.TI (qualitative data‐analyses),
    • Automap (Content Analysis),
    • UCINET, SIENA, ORA (Dynamic/Longitudinal social network analyses),
  • Skilled with a range of graphical design software like: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and the macromedia package.
  • Skilled with 2d and 3d design software: Autocad and Solidedge.
¶ Languages
  • Dutch: mother tongue
  • English: fluent
  • French: elementary

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